Track List maja

Track List: maja

Num. Title Artist Release Label Played Public
22 Pulse Dive 36 Pulse Dive yes
49 Insomnia (Stillhead Remix) Faithless BDPF001 yes
51 Body Darling Farah We Love Detroit (compiled by Derrick May & Jimmy Edgar) We Love yes
53 Harmine Dullatron Musica Universalis EP [CUT027] yes
54 I Know Her BERNARDI, Marco Star Traveller Planet E US yes
56 Unlock Down NUAGE My Patience EP Electronica yes
57 Med Sma Skridt (Med Maya Albana) SHERIDAN, Mike I Syv Sind Kontor Germany yes
58 Beyond End (Acid Rain Mix) Deep Space Research Saturation yes
59 White Nights (Original) Bop Punk's Not Dead yes
60 Oasis Five Oasis Oasis Collaborating yes
62 A Love Inspired (Sam KDC Remix) ASC ASC - The Light That Burns Twice As Bright [SSCD11] yes
65 U Know Profile Jnana EP [CUT026] yes
66 The North Shore Yagya Europe yes
68 Spheres ASC Out Of Sync Samurai Red Seal yes
69 All Is Love M-Band Haust yes
72 Time Relentless Time SCUBA Phenix 1 Play It Again Sam yes
73 Clear Your Mind BOP Clear Your Mind Medschool yes
74 Eight Days Eastern District Future Beats: The Album ThirtyOne Recordings yes
75 Farewell Synkro Farewell yes